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Color Therapy - The Psychology of Color, How Hues Affect Us

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Did you know that different hues and colors may influence our mood and, potentially, our behavior? This concept is called color psychology.

A tool often used by marketers or advertisers, this concept is all about certain colors and their combinations creating a feeling and, ideally, an action. Red, for example, is thought to trigger hunger making it a popular decor choice for restaurants and kitchens.

You can use the power of color psychology to your advantage in crafting a space that sets the right tone. We like to think of this as color therapy.

Here are a few colors and the emotions they tend to provoke.

Red: red can induce a burst on energy, feelings of love, or a sense of warmth.

Orange: in the presence of orange, people often feel happy, sophisticated, or stimulated

Yellow: yellow has the ability to create feelings of intensity, optimism, or laughter.

Green: If you’re wanting to feel a sense of tranquility, harmony, or growth, try green.

Blue: take a deep breath and relax with the color blue. It can bring about feelings of calmness, focus, or truth.

Purple: purple is known for creating a feeling of respect, intelligence, or wisdom

Black: black is an empowering color – it triggers the emotions of strength, intelligence, or authority

White: on the opposite end, white induces feelings of cleanliness, innocence, or purity.

Pink: when you’re in the presence of pink you may feel gentle, calming, or romantic emotions.

Which colors are you drawn to and how do they make you feel? Having a hue strategy for your home, office, business, etc… can make a significant impact on the vibe your space emulates for both you and your visitors.

Artwork and photography is a stellar way to carefully incorporate color into your decor. With the infinite possibilities across fine art photography, not only can you hit the right color note but each photograph has and shares a story for even more depth.

Interested in your own kind of color therapy? Shop our new LIFE IN COLOR Collection

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