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Song of the South - Celebrating The Musicians Who Helped Shape Southern Music

Greg Allman by Danny Clinch outside Savannah, GA (2010)

When you think of southern music, what comes to mind? For some, it’s a twangy ballad blended with a string serenade. For others, it's a heart-pumping beat paired with powerful lyrics that’ll get you on your feet in an instant.

James Brown by Barrie Wentzell at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK (1971)

Music of the South is ruled by three primary genres - Jazz, Country and Bluegrass. But don’t count out Rock n’ Roll here as it also has a rich history in our region and some would argue is a cornerstone of southern sounds.

Dolly Parton portrait by David Gahr in NYC (1976)

The ultimate audible melting pot, the South sees a mix of folk music brought to us by the Irish and English alongside African spirituals, gospel and beats. Putting down roots dating back to the per-American Civil War era, southern music has survived, thrived and evolved into modern sounds found within nearly all genres.

REM by Paul Natkin in Athens, GA (1985)

In our quest to pay homage to and celebrate the music of the South, we wanted to highlight artists across genres and decades who made their mark. Spoiler alert, the list was long and narrowing choices into one collection was no small feat, so we decided to make our Music of the South show into an annual Heart of Gold Gallery event.

Andre 3000 by Jake Chessum in Atlanta, GA (2006)

Raising a glass to the southern music that made us, we carefully selected images featuring a few artists who created and continue to shape the genre for us. This year those notable names include REM, James Brown, Greg Allman, Dolly Parton, Andre 3000, Tammy Wynette and more.

Tammy Wynette by Al Clayton in Lavonia, GA (1971)

We invite you to view and shop the full Southern Music Collection online.

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