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For as long as he can remember, Aaron was fascinated by history; more specifically, the stories behind our legends - the artists, musicians and icons that have become a staple in our minds and hearts for generations.


Peering at iconic photos, he would always question the moment behind the lense. His curiosity for context and love for photography cleared a path to becoming an esteemed art curator and collector.

After nearly two decades of running a fine art gallery in New York, Aaron decided to bring this appreciation and curation for rare photography to the southeast in 2017. As a central hub for culture and innovation with an obvious respect for historical roots, Charleston was the clear choice for Heart of Gold Gallery.


Bringing relationships with more than 100 of the most influential photographers from around the world and experience curating hundreds of exhibits, Aaron holds a wealth of knowledge about the photographs in his gallery and the unique story behind each.


With his industry rapport and expansive expertise, he is also adept at unearthing never before seen archives and finding the rarest of photos for his clients, which he likens to an archeological discovery.


In addition to helping match collectors with their perfect pieces, Aaron is equally passionate about educating patrons on the photographers and stories behind every captured moment.


His hope is to curate a collection that will ignite conversation, spark curiosity and ultimately inspire each and every person who steps into the Heart of Gold Gallery.


A family affair, when you stop by the gallery you’ll likely meet Aaron’s wife Susan, an accomplished portrait, lifestyle and fashion photographer, and their son.


Interested in getting in touch about a piece or collaborating on a project?




You will be hard pressed to find someone more passionate about their work than Aaron. Not only are his collections brimming with new and nostalgia, but the stories behind each photo are magic. 

— Mary Beth

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