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When someone steps into our gallery, eyes widen as they sweep our walls. With their carefully curated selection of fine art photography, it’s no surprise that this initial presentation steals the show.

As much as we enjoy this awe-struck moment, your real find is about to welcome you with a warm smile and hearty greeting, Owner Aaron Zych.

If you ask him about finding that one photograph your heart has to have, his eyes will light up. This has now become a treasure hunt and Aaron has the map.

As striking and captivating as that final framed photograph will be on your walls, there are three immeasurable benefits to working with Aaron and Heart of Gold Gallery that happen behind the scenes - often going unnoticed.


For as long as he can remember, Aaron was fascinated by history; more specifically, the stories behind our legends - the artists, musicians and icons that have become a staple in our minds and hearts for generations.

Peering at iconic photos, he would always question the moment behind the lens. His curiosity for context and love for photography cleared a path to becoming an esteemed art curator and collector.

This passion and innate curiosity prompted a lifelong study and pursuit of art history culminating in extensive knowledge in the history of photography plus a wealth of priceless stories passed down from his photographers.


With two decades and counting in the fine art photography space, Aaron's vast connections across the photography industry enable him to source hard to find and rare pieces from around the world.

From auction houses, private photography collections, international art galleries, museums and editors at international publications to personal relationships with the photographers themselves, when Aaron “phones a friend” it packs a punch.


Beyond choosing something that sings for your wall, Aaron wants you to be enamoured with your photograph from discovery to the final framed artwork on your wall. To accomplish this, he approaches every client and project in a collaborative and organic manner.

By getting to know you, he learns and understands your motivations and requirements, which allows him to curate delightfully unique collections to suit.

Far more than your perfect photograph, the true find with Heart of Gold Gallery is sharing the experience and expertise with the man behind it.

Interested in connecting with the man behind the gallery? Get in touch with us today or view our fine art photography collections online.

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