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Art, from Brooklyn with love.

We recently brought in some jewelry designers and ceramicists from Brooklyn, NY. You may wonder..., "why Brooklyn?" Well Brooklyn is where we hail from (it was home for 17 years prior to moving South) and we have admired and collected some these ladies' work over the years. In this post we will give you a little insight on each of these creators; M Quan Studio, Brooklyn Bead Collective and Page Sargisson Jewelry. We think you will love them just as much as we do!

Michelle Quan, creator of MQuan ceramics in Brooklyn, NY transforms her passion for drawing, painting, text and color into masterful, hand-crafted ceramic pieces for home and garden. Many of the objects and images she has created are rooted in the visual symbols of Eastern iconography and inspired by the writings and teachings of Buddhism. All of her work is hand sculpted and each image is hand painted onto the clay forms. Michelle’s hope is that her work serves both as objects of contemplation and as a source of encouragement and refuge.

Brooklyn Bead Collective was formed by three women; Sasadi Odunsi, Amy Gropp Forbes, and Maribel Brisbal, who have shared the journey of friendship and motherhood for many years. It all started in the fall of 2018 when the three took a beading class together. They immediately realized their love for creating and collaborating and have been designing earrings ever since. We love that Brooklyn Bead Collective is committed to giving back.

They donate 5% of each purchase to charities and non-profit organizations and are currently partnered with Every Mother Counts.

Page of Page Sargisson Jewelry is not only a badass jeweler but a expert knitter! Her love of arts and crafts shines through in the way she repurposes and transforms recycled metal and diamond objects into uniquely textured, handcrafted jewelry all handmade in NYC. Her work has a distinct look since she transfers textures from old letterpress blocks, textiles and woodblocks, always working with the environment in mind. The unique brushstrokes of her carvings allow the end customer to connect to the artist and imagine the work that went into creating each piece. Page also makes sure to design jewelry for people like her; jewelry that can transition from dropping off the kids at school in the morning to work and dinner out at night.

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