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For over thirty years Ethan Russell has made a career exploring new perspectives through media. After his early work as a photographer, he was one of the pioneers of music video several years before the advent of MTV. His videos include work with Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, kd lang, Rickie Lee Jones, John Lennon, and others. In 1984-85 he authored his first book,

Dear Mr. Fantasy, published by Houghton Mifflin.
Continuing to photograph and direct, in the 1990s he added interactive production and design to the mix, spending several years as creative director for a broad-band media company with particular focus on interface design.
In 2005 Ethan Russell began exhibiting his photographic work worldwide and at the same time began shooting again. In 2009, he published Let It Bleed on the Rolling Stones 1969 US tour. 

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